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Stuff I make, or remake... or whatever.







reCAPTCHA php class

Php class for use with reCAPTCHA. Based on the original code, just converted into a class. Prevents namespace pollution.

License: Free

version 1.9

Tools (miscellaneous)


Change virtual file size. Will add "sparse" space if extending, or cut end of file if reducing. Provides direct access to truncate(2), similar to FreeBSD truncate.

WARNING: careless use may cause data loss.

DEPRECATED: use FreeBSD truncate instead.

(old wiki)

Programmed or contributed-to

  • LinuxBackup - Copias de seguridad simples (bash,diff,tar)
  • LinuxUtils - Utilidades cortas (think: shell script)
  • BashPhotoSort - Organizar fotos bajo bash

ViM - syntax/crontab.vim - 20040802-084428

EN English

As for "vixie-cron-3.0.1-56mdk" it lets to set time as repetitions like "*/10" (man 5 crontab : "Steps are also permitted after an asterisk, so if you want to say 'every two hours', just use '*/2'."), which are not taken into account by crontab.vim version from "Mon Jun 9 2003", which is currently included in ViM CVS.

Now, the solution I've come with is just to add a "(*/)?" to the beginning of syntax matches.

ES Español

Según "vixie-cron-3.0.1-56mdk" está permitido definir el tiempo como repeticiones tal que */10 (man 5 crontab : "Steps are also permitted after an asterisk, so if you want to say 'every two hours', just use '*/2'."), que no son tomadas en cuenta por crontab.vim versión de "Mon Jun 9 2003", que es la actualmente incluida en el CVS de ViM.

Pues bien, la solución que he encontrado es simplemente añadir "(*/)?" al principio de las cadenas de búsqueda de sintaxis.


MLdonkey speed control for SuperKaramba

<img src='' alt='mld_speed logo' title='mld_speed' align='right' />

  • [Upload:mld_speed-0.2.tgz] - mld_speed v0.2

Seti@Home Scripts

  • LinuxSetiAtHome - Pack de scripts para Seti@Home

HD Password Freeze

  • [LinuxHDSecurityFreeze] - Bloquear cambio de contraseña de HD
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